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Shadow Hills Mono Optograph
500 series in mint condition.
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This single channel discrete optical compressor in the API 500 Series form factor takes its cues and much of its design from the optical stage of its behemoth big brother, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor. The Mono Optograph's front end is balanced by an original Jensen input transformer. The output utilizes our specially recreated Nickel transformer. The essence of the compressor's character comes from our custom electroluminescent cell and discrete op-amp combination.

The high quality circuit is pristine enough for bus compression, and yet has a unique character reminiscent of an antique world class compressor, that has just now been discovered. It's also perfect for squeezing drum busses and massaging vocals. It's the perfect glue for tracking and mixing anything that needs to sound more finished, more like a record.

Just like The Mastering Compressor, the Optograph's threshold and make up gain are controlled by discrete attenuators, made from custom twenty-four position Elma switches. The tactile feel and quality of these controls are unrivaled. They are of the highest quality and will last forever.

Another unique feature for sculpting the overall sonic character is the Transformer Desaturate mode.In this mode we cancel out any distortion and frequency non-linearity's caused by the output transformer. The result is a pure, almost transformerless sound, whilst still receiving the benefits, of limiting transients that can only come from magnetics. 

- Pristine sound quality and unique character 
- Switchable sidechain filters 
- Transformers Desaturate 
- Detented switches 
- Engraved front panels 
* comes in a B-stock unoriginal box, I had (2) 
* image above is the actual item (racked far right)

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