About Geartrader

GearTrader.net is an online marketplace for buying and selling used music technology equipment.
Launched in June 2022 by Isla Instruments founder, Brad Holland.

Due to an ongoing semiconductor shortage, Brad found himself in a difficult position with not being able to create the company's flagship product, the Isla Instruments S2400 sampling percussion machine. 

An opportunity arose to buy out a large collection of music technology equipment for the purposes of restoration and resale, from a museum called 'The Audio Playground' which had been based in Orlando, FL but had long since closed its doors some 20 years ago. 

Frustrated with the high selling fees charged by other marketplaces and auction sites, Brad decided to launch 'GearTrader.net' aimed squarely at music technology enthusiasts, rather than encompassing the entire gamut of the musical instrument industry.

Geartrader aims to keep selling fees as low as possible and provide a friendly, safe environment for buying and selling our beloved gear!